Our Construction Project - The New Breezeway

Erik and Ted have been working on this project since the beginning of May 2003.   As of December 13th, 2003, the room is almost finished!! Hooray!  I was even able to put up the Christmas tree.  The trim is stained with only a few spots to touch up.  The grills are placed in the patio doors.  We owe a great amount of gratitude to Ted for assisting us with this project . . . it has been a great learning experience for Erik and I.  Erik and Ted are planning to complete the room by rebuilding the stairs that lead into the house as well as hang cabinet doors above the new closet.  More updates to come! 

Progress as of December 13th, 2003

The results of the demolition phase

Another angle: Results of the demolition phase

More demolition

On a beautiful sunny day, Erik and Ted prepare for the door

From outside, the progress looks good!

The framing process is nearly complete

At the end of the day, the wall begins to take shape

Ta-da! The door is in place . . .on a terribly windy day, no less!

Another angle of our new patio door

On the outside, the project is nearly complete

A closer look

The Plumber at work!

The final product!

Waterproof paint for the bricks

Sizing up the situation

Measure twice, cut once!

Measuring again!

Erik and Ted, hard at work

Putting up the final pieces

Ahhh, success!

Drilling into brick is NOT fun!

The new entry way (from the inside)

Michael, admiring the new windows!

"Blomenberg Construction"

The beginning of the closet frame

From Top to Bottom

Hanging the doors

Checking the top track

Ta da . . . a new closet! Look at all the storage up above (cabinets yet to come)

On the left side is the water pump & softener. The right side is the new coat closet

The new floor is in.

Beautiful hardwood laminate

The trim is up!

The doors are all in, too!

The finished closet doors.

The finished patio door - complete with our Christmas Tree!

The front door and double windows.

The new ceiling fan