Michael's Kindergarten Program - Monday Evening May 19th, 2008

Honor's Day - Tuesday Morning May 20th, 2008


Before the program, in his classroom

Hey Dad!

Hey Mom - Hey Joshie!

Hi guys!!!

La La La La La La La

Sign Language and Singing

Michael's speaking part

More Singing and Signing

Goofing off afterwards

More goofing off!

Honor's Day - walking in

Michael is in the blue and white shirt - seated

Before the program started -

Alexis, Michael, and Taylor

Mrs. Husen, Principal

Receiving the "Best Classroom Reader" Award

Given by his teacher, Mrs. Pinkston

Receiving his participation certificate for Young Author Award for the book he wrote

Presented by the Media Leader

Receiving his 3rd Award -

Mr. Kindergarten as voted by his classmates!

Look Mom!!!!!

Mr. and Miss Kindergarten

Alexis and Michael :)

Michael and Taylor

After in his classroom

"The Crew!"