Michael - age 2 going on 12!

-   Michael, aka ELMO, experienced the fun of trick-or-treating this year for Halloween.  We toured many of the important households and ate candy all night long.  The next day, Mommy, Daddy, and Michael spent time in Papaw Ted's woods.  Michael really liked the "woods."  See the pictures below. 

-  Michael was Papaw Ron's guest at the Komet's Opening Night Hockey Game.  Michael learned that when you fight somebody on skates, you often have to go into the "timeout box."   He really enjoyed it when the Komet's scored.  It was a very special night for Papaw Ron, too!

Michael recently had his first official golf lesson from Papaw Ron at the Grey Goose Golf Course in Decatur, Indiana.  All Michael can tell me is, "hit white ball in the hole, Mommy!"  Guess he had fun!

-  Michael is an such an active talker.  He speaks in sentences all the time!  He said his full name - Michael Frederick Blomenberg for the first time on Sunday August 22nd, 2004.  He really likes computer games and coloring.  

-  We went to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo on Saturday August 21st, 2004.  Michael giggled all the way through the zoo!  He fed the ducks and the baby goats.  He saw monkeys, tigers, and bears, oh my!  But his favorite attraction was driving the Jeep on the African Safari!  WOW - what a good driver he is! 

-  In July 04, he rode on PaPaw Ted's tractor and oh boy . . . was this a BIG hit with the little man! 

-  Michael had his "2 year" pictures taken in June 2004 at Olan Mills Photography Studio.  He was such a ham - I'm surprised that the pictures came out as good as they did!  Obviously, as you can tell, Michael is really into Elmo.  We even have Elmo sheets and curtains for his room!